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Bike Engine Assembly

“If u think riding a bike is easy, then assembling it ? Come join us and find out “ The wind on your face, the throttle at maximum and the sound of the engine. All this sounds very random but get onto a bike and it all makes complete sense. A bike is made of complex parts that provide maximum power for driver pleasure.Enroll now to learn to assemble the engine from scratch


“Can you assemble your own car engine?” Well the answer is yes if you indulge yourself in the engine assembly workshop.Actually interested in peeking inside a car?Come and join us in this workshop and learn to assemble a car engine from scratch

Automations in Robotics using PLC

The similarities between humans and computers are more numerous than the difference.Do you know how machines get their inputs? How they are programmed to take logic decisions like a computer? The answer must be PLC’s (Programmable Logic Controller) which is the brain of operation. This workshop is all set to carry you to the world of automation in Robotics using PLC. Are you thinking twice because you have less knowledge about this concept? Never mind, all you need to do is to click the button to register.

The Association of Manufacturing Engineers

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About Workshop Week

(22nd,23rd and 24th of september)
A 3 day Program focused on providing hands on experience to the participants

The uniqueness of these workshops is that one can learn directly from automobile industrially trained experts form reputed companies and research organizations and get insights of their vision. Their realizations and experience with the present technology gives the participants the right platform to get inspired and innovate effective methodologies. Our elegant curriculum has been carefully designed to suit our mission and do justice to each and every person attending the program. The complexities involved in real automobile world will be taught in an easily understandable manner. One would have a great time and fun participating in our exhaustive sessions with continuous hands on practical experience.Everything will be taught from scratch.


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